Though you may have worked out for many minutes in duration, the length of your workout does not necessarily equal Fitbit 'Active Zone' or Paceline minutes(because during a workout there could be times you’re stretching, drinking water, etc. that do not contribute to a higher heart rate or workout intensity).

This is because your Fitbit measures Paceline minutes in a different manner that is based upon your heart rate (not the length of your workout): 'Active Zone Minutes'.

  • According to Fitbit, earn 'Active Zone Minutes' for time spent in the fat burn, cardio, or peak heart-rate zones.

For your weekly goal of 150 Paceline minutes, we rely on the Active Zone Minutes that your wearable tracks. There could be a few reasons why you find a mismatch of minutes you expect to see in the Paceline app:

  1. Your workout may not have created a high enough heart rate or you did not maintain the intensity over the whole time to register for Paceline minutes
    • Open the Fitbit app or website and confirm the "Active Zone Minutes" value displayed matches that as seen in the Paceline app
  2. When possible, be sure to start a workout on your wearable as the heart rate sensor will read more often for heart rate detail
    • Please note: you don't need to log a workout to earn Paceline minutes. Depending on your fitness level and wearable type, even one-off things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator could earn you Paceline minutes, though it's not guaranteed
  3. You may need to calibrate your wearable calibrate your watch to get more accurate readings for exercise minutes, which you can find directions for here
    • Specifically under: 'What are some tips to make sure my Fitbit daily activity is accurate?'
  4. You may have earned more than 50 Paceline minutes for a single day(way to crush it by the way!)
    • We currently allow a maximum of 50 daily Paceline minutes towards the weekly goal (so you need to work out at least 3 days a week to hit the 150 weekly minutes goal)
  5. You may need to sync your device with your app
    • Open your Fitbit app or website and sync your device
      • Please note: it may take up to 10 minutes for Fitbit to report the updated data to Paceline

If you still are unsure why something appears on your Fitbit and not in Paceline, please reach out to us using our Support page, attaching a screenshot of:

  1. Your Fitbit app (showing how many Active Zone Minutes you recorded)
  2. Your Paceline app home screen showing how many minutes you received credit for